Company Profile

Owner Geneva Passmore has been dabbling in embroidery for many years, but got her start in commercial services through a simple incident of Assistant Mary Daigle burning the midnight oil... word of mouth. Bill Wilson of Atlantic Oilfield Industrial Supply had a sudden requirement for 90 coveralls embroidered with his company crest, and he needed them fast - over the course of a long weekend. He frantically contacted his regular embroidery company but they were swamped with other large contracts and couldn't accommodate him. Bill was desperate, until he remembered a business associate, Richard Passmore, had often mentioned that his wife was "really into embroidery". He contacted Geneva at the 11th hour and she was able to handle this rush job. Today, Geneva's World Of Stitches still treats every customer like Bill; without the overhead of a large staff or extensive shop space, Geneva offers more flexibility than larger outfits.

Geneva Passmore not only runs her embroidery business and partners husband Richard in his Inspection & Consulting business, but is also a stay-at-home mom to daughter Christina (and company mascot, Braxton the Springer Spaniel seen here to the right). She also enjoys various hobbies; she is very active with the Dartmouth branch of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada, serving on the Board, helping to run events, and donating embroidery projects for raffles prizes. In her spare time, she even enjoys quilting!